We at First Christian Church are so very excited that you've chosen the Vacation Bible School experience for your children during the summer of 2018! To keep things on a simple honor system, we request that you click the 'VBS Payment' button at the bottom of this page, where you'll be given the opportunity to enter the total amount owed. Costs are as follows:

Registration fee per child is $55 until May 31st (it increases to $60 on June 1st); however, each sibling thereafter receives a $10 discount, and we also offer a $20 adult volunteer discount. T-shirts are $5 apiece, and CDs of the VBS music are $7 apiece.

One scenario is that you are sending one child ($55) who wants a t-shirt ($5) and CD ($7); however, you are volunteering (-$20). Your total amount owed would be $47. Another scenario is that you are sending two children ($55+$45) and both want a t-shirt ($10) but no music. Your total amount owed would be $110.

If you have any questions regarding your payment, visit the Contact page and someone from the church will be in touch shortly.

Thanks again for choosing VBS, and we look forward to seeing you this summer!

vbs payment