Developmentally & Aged-Based Toddler Programs

Our Toddler Programs provide a nurturing environment in which our youngest students begin their journey of learning in a more structured child-centered environment. As the foundation for our Preschool curriculum, the Toddler program is designed to guide each child through the separation process, as well as to introduce them to routines of school life.

Toddler children are capable of intense periods of concentration, and absorb knowledge from everything they see and do. The classroom environment is designed to allow them to build trust and to instill a love of life-long learning. To an adult their “work” might look like play, but to a Toddler, it is an extraordinary learning period requiring all of their concentration.

FCS offers two toddler programs for children ages 12 to 24 months who are just beginning to test their independence, by toddling to and from their teachers and caregivers as they discover the world around them.  These two classroom environments gently encourage this budding independence by providing a classroom space, for safe exploration, with the support of our experienced and trusted teaching staff.

Developmentally & Aged-Based 2-3yr Old Programs

Our 2yr & 3yr old programs are dedicated to nurturing the child’s inherent curiosity by enabling them to explore and discover. Children learn through touch, movement and observation. Academics are introduced through hands-on materials, which lay the groundwork for abstract thinking.  In scaffolding children’s experiences, our teachers are able to create a joyful foundation, while promoting confidence and learning.

During this time and developmental period young children experience intense periods of change, both cognitively and socially. At this age, socialization begins to blossom, and cooperative play becomes central to their school experience. The teacher, always observant, responds with appropriate lessons to support each child’s individual growth, interests and capabilities. The academic materials presented are designed to stimulate a child’s senses as well as to respond to his or her need for order and sense of mastery within the world.

Many avenues of our curriculum are interwoven. Together, the children engage in table-top activities handling various manipulatives, creating patterns, completing puzzles and engaging in other fine-motor activities. While the children delve into acquiring and refining pre-writing skills through multi-sensory, hands-on learning, they also begin to investigate the basic elements of pre-math through block building, sorting activities, sand and water play as well as other supportive activities.

Developmentally & Aged-Based 3-4yr Old Programs

Our 3yr & 4yr old programs is where children are busy exploring the world around them and cultivating lasting friendships. Developmentally, children this age are, typically, adept at engaging in more complex social, learning and play experiences. Our curriculum includes hands-on experiences that incorporate the interests of the children.  Every day is structured to give each child many opportunities to learn with art projects, cooking, science experiments, music, poems, finger plays as well as physical play each day.  Daily circle time gives children the opportunities to sing, share, learn and explore with calendar and weather activities, stories and show and tell.  Letter and name recognition, counting, sorting, sequencing and classifying continue to be developed through the use of a lesson plan.  The hands-on nature of our these programs provide children the educational foundation needed for future abstract learning.

The Long Lasting Benefits Of Private Pre-K (4–5yrs)

Research consistently shows that a quality Pre-K program has a positive effect on a child’s ongoing educational trajectory, as well as on the rest of their lives (National Institute for Early Education Research, 2016). The research showed that children who attended high quality pre-kindergarten programs entered Kindergarten with better vocabularies, as well as more advanced literacy and math skills than children who didn't attend Pre-K programs.

Private Pre-Kindergarten programs have the capacity to offer many benefits that lead to increased quality learning. These benefits include, but are not limited to, smaller class sizes, high adult-to-child ratios, and strong focus on the individualized strengths of the child.  Additionally, parents can continue their direct communication with staff and directors and can ensure that their 'voice' is heard. The time and space are available to ensure that the curriculum is tailored to each individual child and prepares them with the ability to practice meaningful social skills, and develop moral and ethical values – all while introduced to advanced academic skills. 

Our Pre-K program prepares children for Kindergarten by incorporating critical thinking, creativity, math and science concepts, and early literacy.  Each weeks activities center around a different theme and letters of the alphabet. Children gain pre-literacy skills through a wide variety of books, narration, and storytelling.  Creativity and fine motor skills are fostered as children use writing utensils, scissors and easels to begin drawing and dictating their thoughts.  Concrete, developmentally appropriate activities further develop skills in numbers and operations.  Science experiments are planned to assist children in developing critical thinking skills. Small and large group lessons provide opportunities for analysis and communication within a framework of cooperation and socialization. Our Pre-K teachers also reference the Texas Pre-K guidelines when creating lesson plans to ensure students are acquiring and refining the skills needed for success in a Kindergarten classroom.


Watching our students grow and blossom is one of the great joys of teaching. Our responsibility as educators is to prepare our children to leave the school “Loving Learning, Learning to Love” as stated in our vision.

Our children leave us with confidence, ability to express themselves, and the ability and preparedness for Kindergarten.