Living faithfully as disciples (followers) of Jesus is to consistently ask ourselves these questions to guide our every thought, decision & action as a church community:

Are we open to the new that God is doing in us and in others?
Are we listening to the God who still speaks?
Are we looking for the places where the Spirit is establishing God’s kingdom on earth as
it is in heaven?
Are we open to others and what God wants to show us through them?
Are we present to the vital faith God is growing in us so that we might be a source of
vital faith for others?

Are we creating community for people to belong, live and learn?
Are we receiving others as God has received us?
Are we opening ourselves to others, risking vulnerability and authenticity?
Are we fostering a safe space where people can become friends?
Are we honoring and celebrating all the ways people are different?

Are we entering into the suffering and joy of others as God has entered ours?
Are we acting in life-giving and nurturing ways toward those in need?
Are we responding to the hurt of others by acting in word and deed?
Are we giving ourselves for the healing and well-being of another who is suffering,
marginalized or broken?

If you have any other questions about FCC’s core values as Christians, as neighbors, or
as a congregation, don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Michael Dunn. [He can be reached
best through David Mandell.]