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Our Vision as a Local Congregation

In 2007 our congregation commissioned our Pastor and a group of leaders to lead us in a process of coming around a clear, shared and compelling vision. This group of spiritually mature, emotionally intelligent and demographically diverse leaders spent time resourcing themselves, being a learning community, praying, engaging personal conversations, and receiving coaching. Over an 18 month period they led the congregation, engaging 65% of our total participating membership, in "Holy Conversations" about what they felt the Spirit was showing them. Each leader led a small group of 8-12 people in four separate conversations, sharing our stirrings, but mostily listening to what was stirring in these people who gathered and capturing the comments and conversations. After a three month period of intentional non-engagement, this commissioned group of leaders came back together and eventually presented this vision:

Our vision is to bring ourselves and others into a vital faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we were committed to stay in action around these things:

Leadership Development: We see a community of leaders and members who are engaged in ongoing personal transformation, so that we become agents of transformation in and for the world around us.

Small Groups: We see a network of small groups that are nurturing connected relationships around the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit.

Our Vision Text - Acts 1-2

The disciples encountered Jesus after the resurrection and he gives them an eternal mission to share God’s Good News to all everywhere (Acts 1:8)

They receive the power to accomplish the mission in words and deeds, and the Spirit propels believers outward in love toward others (Acts 2:1-41)

Believers live vital, inspired, deeply committed, sacrificial, and celebratory lives in authentic relationships. (Acts 2:42-47)

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