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Church Directory Updates

We will soon begin the process of updating our church photo directory. It will include photos of the FCC community and that means YOU!
Beginning Sunday, August 24 you will have the opportunity to have you or your family's photo taken for inclusion in the updated directory. We will also have a way for you to revise or update your information.

Michele Martini is our point of contact on this ongoing project! We're grateful for her leadership.


Walk with the FCC Hunger Walk Team -- This Sunday (11/2), 2 p.m.

A huge thank you to those of you who signed up last Sunday to walk with the FCC team in the CROP Hunger Walk this Sunday, Nov. 2nd, at 2 p.m. There is still time to join the walk, or donate to the cause.

To volunteer to walk:

Go to HERE and join the FCC team. You can then start sending out emails to your friends to support your walk.

To donate to the cause:

Go to HERE and Click on "Donate," next screen click on "I want to support a team," then scroll down to find First Christian and click on the "Donate" button. If you have any questions, contact Chris Oneal or Christina Oneal 


An Evening Dialogue and Wine and Cheese Event - Sunday, November 16, 500-7:00pm

The Evening Dialogues at First Christian Church is a new thing! The time will be a gathering to share wine & cheese, develop deeper friendships, and grow together. It is also “safe space” to pose a significant question of faith and hold a dialogue together in order to be a learning community. Our pastor, Michael Dunn, will present some thoughts and help guide the conversation.

The Question: “What is the Overarching Story-Line of the Bible?” The Bible for many is one single dominant narrative that begins with Paradise in Eden, that was lost because of The Fall of human sin, where we are now wandering in Condemnation and in need of Salvation, which if we accept will lead us to Heaven, and if we don’t will lead us to Hell. This dialogue will open up space to consider other ways to look at God’s story.

Just let us know you're coming by email our Admin - Erin Donohue


Silent Retreat, 24-hours of silence to unplug and re-connect with God. November 21-22. Get more details

You are invited to quiet the noisy voices of resignation, fear, anxiety or sorrow by participating in a 24-hour silent retreat facilitated by Pastor Dunn. The retreat will be held at the Cenacle Retreat House, Nov. 21st-22nd. It begins at 1:00 p.m. Friday and ends at noon on Saturday. The cost is $95 per person and includes: private room; dinner and breakfast; snacks and refreshments; program materials; and the place and space to connect to God.

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